NOOSA Petite

NOOSA Petite

Create your own style, tell your own story with the unique chunk collection of NOOSA-Amsterdam. Inspired by magical cultures and handmade by dedicated craftsmen, each symbol represents a world of mystique and adventure for you to explore. Open your mind.
Traditional carpets from Anatolia in Turkey are whole man-made poems filled with cultural, religious, and historical signs. Ebelinde is a symbol of the power of motherhood.

Material - Dried coconut peel
Color - Brown
​Сountry - Nepal

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NOOSA Petite BRIDAL zaian
In the 1970s women of the Berber in Africa wear their bridal jeweleries pridely to show that they are married. Today it symbolizes protection.
Colour: brass
Material: Brass
Size: Ø 12mm     
13,95 EUR

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Whatever your romantic message, red roses are just the thing to make a big gesture to your partner with. By the way, the meaning of the rose is deeper than it seems at first glance. It is a symbol of the world that is ever changing and opening up with new facets. The flower grows in the divine garden of Eden and carries the message of mercy, forgiveness, universal love, and victory.
17,95 EUR

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